3milio B. California

Stop Deportation Today

Together we can all stop the deportation today if we work together!!!

Dear Future President of the United States,

They came here for a better life.Deportation is not the way to stop immigration.People come here to start a better life.They come here to work not to make a mess.If it was not for the Mexicans then we would have already died because they are the ones who help plant the crops and harvest them, so that we can eat them.They work very hard in the fields every day even if it is 100 degrees outside so they can only get a couple of dollars for the whole day.It is even more sad because they come to work very hard and people do not want them here because they make a mess.Imagine if you where an immigrant.You came from Mexico to come and work very hard and the next thing you know nobody wants you here.You just came here to start a better life and work very hard.Imagine how much time it took you to walk from Mexico to the United States.If you take people back to their country then this will separate lots of families.We all have to stay together like a big family.This is why we all have to stop deportation today.