kassidy i.

Racism is a Problem

Americans need to realize that Racism is a issue that needs to be solved before it gets worse.

Dear Future President,

America has many problems right now, some larger than others but all of importance. One major issue America faces is racism. Americans would surely disagree that they are “racist” but that is because most people are racist without knowing it. Humans judge others, that cannot be changed but we can alter how we judge. Stereotypes play a big role in this issue. When you see someone of a specific race you associate them with people of the same race. Americans do not want to face it but they use stereotypes and think they know about a person they have never talked to just because of the color of their skin. This is where our problem begins. First step to solving this issue is getting to people realize that they can be racist even if they do not know it. You can not fix a problem unless people are willing to admit there is one. Step two would be figuring out how to address the problem and solve it. Americans treat people differently based on the pigment of their skin, how wrong is that. You are born into a certain race and that is the deciding factor if whether or not people treat you equally? How fair is that? People have to learn from mistakes. History repeats itself and why should we all stand here and let it when we know how it ended up in the past. Why should an African American be scared to walk by a group of whitemen? That is because society has created this fear. We as a nation need to solve this problem or else it is going to get worse. I hope we can soon solve this problem because it is tearing our country apart.