Peter California

Police Brutality

For the past few years, many Americans are dying from the excessive force of police brutality.

Dear Mr/Mrs. President,

Police brutality is becoming a big problem in America. Police brutality is the the police is using too much force on people, which will lead to their death. Many people are being brutalized when some of them are doing nothing. Even though people may say that police are saving lives, others may think the opposite. They say that the police is violating many of the person's rights. I would also like to say how when the police killed people, they are not being charged. And due to this, many people dislike the police force. In the text "Police Brutality and Race" it describes how most of these shootings are recorded on mobile devices. An example of this would be Alton Sterling, Sterling was being held on the ground by two white Baton Rogue police, while in the meantime he was shot to death, while on the ground. This was recorded on a cell phone and was leaked out to the public. This evidence shows that no matter what situation you are in, the police will still shoot you, if you even talk back. In conclusion, this shows how  the police force are treating Americans.