I Massachusetts

Safety & Equality

Safety and Equality are two very big issues. They shape the lives of many.

Dear Future President,

I am writing this letter about two important issues in our nation that is more linked than anyone thinks it is. Safety, and equality. Safety can sometimes be a big problem. Like terrorism. According to CNN News, on September 11th 2001, 2,753 people unfortunately died. Another problem that has to do with safety is police shootings/brutality. Huffington Post says “U.S. police have killed at least 194 black people in 2016.”

Equality might have gotten better over the years, but it is still bad. Especially women and colored rights. Did you know that for every dollar a man earns, women only earn 80 cents? This information was brought to me by IWPR.org. Equality between whites and colored is also a big issue. The lack of equality between them links to the innocent black citizens that are unnecessarily shot. People who are innocent, but misjudged.

I am not asking for you to fix these issues with a blink of your eye, or a snap of your fingers. I am just asking for you to help. We all know that completely fixing these problems won’t be easy. But with your power, you can change everything for the better.