John D. Michigan

Problems with Urinals

Privacy is taken away with there being no barricades between urinals and this national problem must be stopped.

Dear Next President,

The issue that I have today is one that has been in America for years and I am finally speaking out to try and fix this issue, this issue of course being no barricades between urinals. Before you laugh and see this as a joking matter this issue can lead to many other problems including invasion of privacy and in rare cases very unusual bathroom conversations with strangers. So I ask deeply, please as a nation let us figure a solution for such a horrid problem in America.

I feel that without having barricades in schools this stands as a violation of my privacy, and I have the right to ask for such things. Why is it that women have stalls in their restrooms but men do not. Even in public restaurants and movie theaters  dozens of urinals do not have barricades. America is built on giving many needed rights to those who live in it so I ask why is it my privacy is invaded every time I am out with family/friends and I have to use the bathroom. According to, a child's privacy is very important in having a healthy life. Without our the way that urinals are today I feel that my privacy is definitely being violated. I have thought of a solution to this problem, that being that every public bathroom must have barricades and this can easily become a law with your help.

I know that many would say that this may be expensive and that America may not be able to afford this. But the money could easily be made from the very rich of America. Since many Americans labeled in the “upper class’’ have the luxury of using amazing and state of the art facilities they may not realize what many everyday Americans must go through to use the bathroom. So a very small tax could be imposed on them to help pay for the barricades. If you do help solve this issue every man in America will thank you for finally securing their privacy.



Grade 10

Auburn, Michigan

Avondale High School

Avondale High School

Honors English 10

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