McKenna Daley

Stop Abortion

We need to stop an ongoing problem in our society; abortion.

McKenna Daley

English Honors 1

Period : 7


Dear Future President,

I am very pleased that you were elected, however there are many ongoing problems that may be a concern to our nation. One of these issues is the continuous battle of whether or not abortion should be allowed. Our country imprisons men and women who commit murder, but still allow women to get abortions. As a former fetus, I oppose abortion, and in my opinion, it should not be permitted for various reasons. Taking the life of a child is still considered murder, and people can argue that since the child is not fully developed, it can’t and shouldn’t be considered murder. No matter a person’s reasoning, killing a fully developed child or unborn and undeveloped child, are the same thing. They are still taking the life of a real human being. Many people do argue the fact that the conception of the child was a mistake, and they did not mean for things to get out of hand. However, my response to this statement is that they shouldn’t have made these selfish choices without thinking. They were benefitting themselves and not considering the consequences of their actions. They claim that they are not ready to raise a child, but then they shouldn’t have consensually put themselves in that position. From a safety standpoint, abortion can be very harmful to both the child and the mother. Most women who walk into a clinic to get an abortion, don’t carefully research the clinic. What they don’t know is that most clinics have many diseases. A lot of times, once the mother receives the abortion it can give her a disease which can eventually result in death. Since when has it ever been okay to take the life of a young, innocent child? It shouldn’t be. Within two weeks of the child being conceived, the fetus inside can feel. It can feel pain, happiness, and defenselessly scream while its life is being taken away from it so quickly. There are so many reasons why our country should not support abortion because of the damage it can do. In no way does abortion positively affect our society today, and it negatively influences the immature, young women. If you support abortion, you’re sending the message to naive women across the world that it is okay to end the beginning of such a beautiful thing because of their careless actions. We need to take away the power to end the lives of these these innocent human beings and stop abortion.


McKenna Daley