Riley V.

Letter to Future President

September 29, 2016 Dear Future Mr./Madame President, I hope everything is well, my name is Riley. I am writing in regards to the characteristics that I believe a President should have. Hopefully, this doesn't come across as offensive; while I am just providing some constructive criticism. The first quality that I believe a President should possess is the ability to be trusted. Trustworthiness is a major factor in becoming a good President because the citizens of the United States put their full trust into your hands, believing that you will guide our country into the right decision. Allowing everyone to feel safe and put their trust into one person’s hands is one of the main things that shall be attained first. The second quality that I feel a President should acquire is the capability to be honest. Being honest includes not stealing, cheating, being deceitful, or making inappropriate/unnecessary actions and/or decisions. If one of those examples do occur, then who else could we possibly be able to trust to run our nation Lastly but not least, the final factor that all Presidents should hold is the potential to deal with anger, insults, and disagreements peacefully and maturely. Being President is a very diligent job and no matter what you do, there will always be complaints about how you’re doing something. So rather than firing back at the individual, the best settlement is to kindly and calmly resolve the issue with respect. Doing so, will allow the angry individual to adjust his/her disagreement with care rather than jumping to conclusions and shouting at you. To conclude this lecture formally and appropriately, I hope that you take these examples of constructive criticism to mind and really look into the qualities that a good President, and leader, should have. Sincerely, Riley