William J. California

Lowering Gun Restrictions

Gun restrictions will make it hard for attacks to be stopped before they get out of hand.

Gun control is going to do more harm then good because it will leave the public vulnerable to attacks and it will dramatically increase crime rates.

First, increasing gun restrictions will make attacks more damaging because people won’t have guns to defend themselves and possibly end the attack before anyone gets hurt. Removing our ability to use guns to defend ourselves gives criminals an edge as they will use illegally obtained guns and other weapons to easily carry out an attack. On September 23, 2016 a man brought a gun to the Cascade Mall in Washington and killed 5 people.(Faith) If there was a trained person with a gun at the area he could have spotted the gun and end the attack right there before anyone was shot.

Second, it will increase the crime rate in America because several gun bans in other countries have resulted in a large increase in murders and homicides.A gun ban on handguns in England and Wales shows that the firearm and homicide rate doubled after the ban was issued in 1997. (CrimeResearch.org)The rates lowered after the number of police officers needed increased.

Some may argue that removing guns means attackers won’t have any weapons to use. Although gun bans will make it harder to legally obtain guns it won’t make it harder to illegally obtain them. Meaning the attackers will be able to access guns and still use them while citizens who follow the law won’t be able to use them to defend themselves. A gun ban in Jamaica showed how Jamaica’s murder rate spiked up after the ban was issued and continued to increase rapidly over the years. This further proves why gun control is negatively affecting the crime rate.


All in all, the positives of gun control do not match up to the negatives as it causes crime rates to go up and makes the public weaker to attackers.         

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Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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