Claire North Dakota

Why are We Allowing Children to be Murdered?

The USA is allowing innocent children to be killed and nothing is being done to stop this.

Dear Mr. President,

The seventh commandment of the bible states “Thou shalt not kill.” Is that not a law today? That we can not commit murder? Yet, somehow we are doing it anyway and to make matters worse, this type of murder is legal. Abortion is the act of terminating a fetus inside a womb by giving woman pills to detach the baby from the uterus wall then proceeds to expel the baby. Born or unborn, this is a growing human being and killing the human should be considered murder. There’s no question about it, America is allowing mothers to kill their child.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that four out of ten women who get pregnant choose an abortion. Three hundred fifty thousand babies are born a day in the world. Which means that eighty-seven thousand babies are killed a day. That is a number that is unacceptable to me and many other people. How is the US supposed to grow when thousands of women are killing their children?

To fix this problem, I suggest we make abortion illegal with two exceptions. The two exceptions are rape and medical conditions in which the baby is going to kill the mother. I believe that if the mothers have been raped the baby could be a reminder of what happened to them and could cause them a traumatic experience. If a mother is going to be killed by her own child, if she wishes to save her own life she should have the right to do so. The president needs to take action on this problem as soon as he can. This is a serious problem in the world and most importantly the country of the free. How is a baby supposed to be free when they can’t have the choice to be born or not? Why is America allowing this to happen?

Of course, people are going to be careless and get pregnant at sixteen. Of course, the parents or the mother will argue that they are too young to carry and raise a baby but sixteen year olds are perfectly capable to carry and deliver a health baby. It is also their fault for having sex in the first place! They should not commit murder when it was their fault for creating the child, there are forms of protection and pills like birth control available to young sexually active women. Jessica Valenti states that “ The truth is that America only started to care about abortion for reasons of sexism and racism.” What she stated was false. The true reason America started to care was because there was a rise in abortion. Citizens were realizing how wrong this was, to kill a human being before they were even born.

Imagine a baby inside a womb, watch it move around, grow, and develop. Then watch as the baby slowly become sick and eventually stops breathing. What you just imagined is a baby being killed off by abortion. Are we going to allow the US to continue this? As a nation, we need to rise up and express to everyone why abortion should be illegal (with the two exceptions I stated.) If America is going to flourish as a nation, we need to stop committing murder and instead let innocent children be born.

Sincerely, Claire Keller


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