Jabril A.

Outdoor School

Children should be getting some of their education from the outdoors.

Dear Mr.Trump,

I would like you to be aware that children are growing up not knowing much about their environment and the world surrounding them. I believe that there should be classes taught outside of the traditional classroom. There should even be classes that teach you how to get on your feet when you grow up.

Outside education is great, an example is sixth grade camp. Children go out and say goodbye to their parents and family for 2 days and go out in the wilderness to explore and do labs. These select children learn about their environment and are not lost in their future. Outdoor learning helps build; community, friendship, trustworthiness, eagerness to learn outside, culture, and expectations and standards. Don’t get me wrong, I believe we are on the right track but after elementary school there is not a lot of opportunities to go outside and enjoy time outside the classroom. I’m talking about field trips, studies have shown that students remember more stuff that they learn on field trips than they do in an everyday activity in class.

Students ages 11 -18 are usually in middle school and high school. Around then your are thought to have stopped thinking about field trips. Some of these children could learn about the world around them from history museums, science museums, and generally the outdoors. These children could go on to be biologists for what, just a couple of more taxpayer dollars. Upping the federal taxes is no biggie for a new better America.

Now Mr. President what will you do, sit around? The next generation of the American race needs your help to succeed, do you want us to be on par with other countries in an intellectual level or do you want to be their superiors. It’s your choice.

I hope you take this topic into consideration. Thank you for serving us, the American People.