Felix C.

Racism in America


September 29, 2016

Dear Future President, 

Many problems surround the United States. But one problem that has been around for years is racism/racial discrimination. Racism and discrimination has been around since the beginning of this country. All these years and nothing has been done. Everything goes the same way it has for decades.

After slavery the African-American race were constantly being insulted and being thought as less than a person. This used to be the only racism in America. But after the terrorist attacks on 9/11 muslim people have also been a target. Even certain political figures bash Mexicans.

After 9/11 Muslims basically aren't allowed to be Muslims. In the aftermath of the attack, many people assumed that all Muslims are terrorists. And recently with ISIS it has started to get worse. These people live their lives innocent, because of the actions of others they are not trusted and labeled a terrorist.

Due to the recent events Mexicans have also become a target of racism. They are labeled rapists, thieves, job-stealers, and basically a criminal. This used to not be a huge problem. Due to the campaign of a political figure, people who support him now believe this.

And finally the biggest problem, racial discrimination against African-Americans. At the time it seems some black male is shot or killed everyday. Although I will admit sometimes they did something really bad. This is usually done because they are known as criminals. People are scared of them or don’t like them. This has even started the Black Lives Matter movement. The actions of some affect the rest.

With racism still being a problem I believe that America will not be able to succeed as much as we could.