Laura L. California

Discrimination towards Race

Racism in America is a problem in the Unites States

 Dear Next President,

Since the very first U.S. census in 1790, every U.S. census has sorted people due to race. Racism in the United States should be looked at because I believe there is only one kind of race which is the Human race. We have all divided ourselves into so called racial groups, some have only done it to see themselves superior than others.We should all be treated the same with full and equal rights and not be discriminated due to color, religion, race, etc. As it's said “ treat others the way YOU want to be treated ”.

We all recognize the word racism, which is seen to most people as one of the biggest problems in the United States due to actions/situations that have taken place. For instance, according to CNN’s website the movement of Black Lives Matter started in 2012 with Trayvon Martin in February 26, 2012. Crime was commited by George Zimmerman who was a neighborhood watch coordinator, he had shot and killed Martin without any reason to. Zimmerman was later released from custody. Also according to "Police Killed More than 100 Unarmed Black People in 2015." Mapping Police Violence says that Unarmed black people were killed by police at 5x the rate of unarmed whites in 2015 which means about 37% of unarmed people were African American, despite that African Americans being only 13% of the U.S. population.

According to the text from “ SSCC-Home ” There is this extreme form of racial classifications that reflects this so called “ one drop rule ” that had became the standard system of racial classifications in the United States after the civil war. The Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s Federal and the Government had made numerous laws about barring employers from discriminating any employees on almost any ground. 57% of African Americans have experienced racial discrimination from being denied a job, about 35% of hispanics have experienced the same thing. For example from Race and Reality in America says Hispanics and African Americans are far more likely than whites to say that they have been unfairly treated in a work or public place. About 60% of whites say that their workplace is all white or mostly whites. From reading, I know that the “ Employment Discrimination.” The Leadership Conference on Civil Human Rights states the Civil Rights Act in 1964 offered a promise of equal opportunities, also Title 7 in the Civil Rights Act it's illegal for an employer to take certain actions against an employe. Certain Actions could be Refusing to hire, the way of discipline, Firing, Deny training, and payless or demote.

Many people in America think racism has came to an end. According to John Mcwhorter “ Racism in America is over ” Forbes. Forbes Magazine says “The president of AmeriKKKa is black. If the racism that America is “all about” is the kind that allows a black man to become president, then I’m afraid the nature of this “all about” is too abstract for me to follow, and most Americans will feel similarly.” On the other hand we are a country that struggles with racism throughout history, even till this day. The 2015 CNN and Kaiser Family Foundation Poll had shown a graph that about 50% of Americans who think racism is a big problem.

Racism in America has been increasing over the last few years, as people look at each-other now we separate ourselves into racial groups. There are about 5 groups of races, from what i have noticed some use race to look superior than others. The president should consider changing the way people need to identify themselves when asked what race they are. Also when applying to a job, a question that is most asked is “ what race are you” so he president can look into getting it removed.


Laura Lopez 16


New Technology High School

American Studies

New Tech High's Junior class. This is a team taught US History and Literature class.

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