santiago California

On Violence in Our Country

This is my letter on the issue of police brutality in our nation.

Dear Mrs. or Mr. President

My name is Santiago Rodriguez.I live in San Diego,California, where -lot of violent-things happen in our streets: shootings,stabbing,car chases,and gang fights,and I know this is not us. we can be better,or even outstanding citizens of the UNITED STATES. I've seen too much on the news: police involved in riots and and in protests,while we are all killing each other's races like they don't have hearts. We are out of control- it needs to stop.Rodney king an African American who was beaten so bad he got fractured And got eleven broken bones,why? Because the cops don't have respect for the citizens either and they don't know how control their anger, and they lied as well. See this it’s on

I am writing this letter to you about police brutality,Police brutality is a very important issue in the streets all over the world,but i'm going to focus on the streets of the U.S. To me police brutality means when an officer of the law is able to shoot someone and not get charges against them, Many people think that when police shoot a victim, the officer was just doing his job and that's not true- it's all because of stereotypes and segregation. Cops are always stopping blacks and Hispanics when they see them in expensive cars because they think they slang or make money in illegal ways. And racial profiling has a big connection to police brutality, because they both always have to involve police officers,tickets and a lot of hate against each other.and it's not just the law. it's also within the people who live in the community. And i hate the way that cops asked him ‘’is this your car”. That shows that, cops are really ignorant and just want to arrest people because of racial profiling. One time my uncle was driving his 2016 tahoe and he told me that the cops stopped him because he's mexican and brown , and then the cops tried to find something out of him just to arrest him. I am writing this letter to you because i'm am really tired and mad every time i sit down with my mom and see the news of black women or men that have been shot over some dumb reasons.

Police in the US are really going way too far with their ignorance and their cockiness.I feel really bad for the african americans who live in poverty because they know that once they come out on the streets, the police is going to harass them and, it’s not just colored people. it’s all people of different race but what i'm trying to say is. why is it mostly on people with dark or brown color? There is police brutality all over the word but in the U.S, there has been a lot of police shootings over all over the united state in every state. For example in bakersfield there has been more than one million people that have been killed by the cops.There is one reason that they have a better reason that are really rude to the citizens of america. but it's not just the law enforcement it's also the choices that we make. That can lead us to jail,runaways from the police, and police shootings. I'm not saying i'm in favor of them them i'm just saying that you have to be smart and learn your rights in order for them not to detain you or waste your time. Other than that, every time a police officer kills a black or brown person people start to go crazy and try to handle things with violence and messiness like the protesters in charlotte,all those people in charlotte were really crying,begging,and praying for god to end this nightmare,i feel so bad that thi nightmare will mostly take a long time to end because the streets are abusive.

I think protesting if good but only if you don't use any kind of violence against a officer or someone who supports police.If i was in that position i would of protest with my signs and my people, and if that doesn't work for them to hear my voice then we have to unite and go to the police station make them hear our voice because everyone's voice is important. just because the police have guns and badges that doesn't mean they can do what they want,when they want. they have rules just like we do so why are they still killing brown and black people just for not following the laws or because people think that browns and blacks have guns on them. when they can't even follow their rules either. And the words protect and serve seems more to be like protect and kill. This is why we as colored people need to change and think out of the box so that these cases can stop and we won't have no problems with the law enforcement.

We definitely have to turn our lives around and become better people so that all stereotypes, racism, and police brutality can come to an end and we won't have to hide from the police and we can live our lives calmly and peacefully. For when there is no justice, there is no peace, and badges don't grant extra rights. Just recently there was a shooting of a black male in el this website that is provided it talks bout the “accident” that accured in el cajon.this information can be found in . The victim had mental problems to the point where he couldn't handle it. But i appreciated how there was two cops with weapons on their hands, but only one cop decided to think differently and take out a taser instead of a gun, meanwhile the other cop shot him with a deadly weapon.i only appreciated the police officer with the taser. These are the types of things that i was talking about in the beginning of this letter.

I think schools,recreation center,libraries can solve this problem for the upcoming ones who are colored skin, because they can help those single moms who struggle to keep their kids out of trouble, and it can help because it helps them stay out of trouble. There is lots of ways to stop this nonsense and i know we can. We just have to be strong and be united as great people. But one special way we can get over this problem is to give classes to the officers on how to keep their guns in place, and not in places where it can hurt others.i think that idea really does work because they need classes as well and they will learn.

who do we call when the murderer has a badge? Why can’t you do something about it MR.PRESIDENT? I know we as people who come from dirty neighborhoods act disrespectful and not truthful with the cops because they don't know how to do the same with us. This situation is getting worse and more dangerous. This is not us and this is not you. Look at all those black folks who lost their lives over something stupid that was created against blacks and browns.

Why can’t we have the same things the wealthy have?why can't there be nicer parks? why can't there be more schools? Why are there a lot of liquor stores in the dirty streets we live in?WHY CAN'T WE BE TREATED THE SAME? We are all humans. Another solution is why we act like this because we don't get treated the way we want to be treated. What if you were TYRE KING. What if you were in the shoes of those innocent people who were killed by a police officer,and will no longer see their family?this is not fair for those who lost family members and this is not acceptable for us MR.PRESIDENT we have suffered from this nightmare for many years and it's still not over. The past eight years we didn't get no love even though we had a black president.I hope in the future cops can stay in their lane and stop dodging the blame!!

From: Santiago R.