Layna J. Georgia


Discrimination is a huge problem in our nation that majority of people face.

Dear Future President,

First, I would like to congratulate you for winning the election. I’m writing this letter to you because there are many people who face this problem. Discrimination is a big problem around the world. A lot of people have been treated differently. Some judge others by their race, religion, or even the country or the place they were born. People should get the same respect as everyone else. We could make a program or campaign that creates friendship or builds teamwork that contributes to getting along with people who have different race. There shouldn’t be any discrimination between humans just because of their religion, race, etc.

Many people go through adversity because of discrimination. One of the reasons is religion. People think Certain types of religions are dangerous, for example, Islam. They think most Islamic people are related to terrorism. One of my friend’s religion is Islam, and she wanted to prove that people who have the same religion are not the same. Other people make fun of her because of her religion, and few would accuse her being terrorist. She tried hard to not reveal her religion so she wouldn’t hear harsh things from other people.

This relates to another reason, which is race. Racism is a huge problem when it comes to discrimination. There are many who judge others by their race and call names. In the article, “Berkeley High Students Get Real About Race on Campus” by Adizah Eghan shows how black students face discrimination. There were treats, and one student states “Last year I had a teacher who called black boys thugs when they tried to speak on issues of race and told me that I should stop talking because I was starting to sound like those thugs that are walking around on street corners.” Relating to that, I have experienced a lot as an Asian. People called me names like yellow or small eyes. Only a few did that but some would say to me to squint. Whenever I make a B or a low A’s on some tests, some students that I know would tell me,” Isn’t your mom going to be mad?” while others would tell me,” I thought you know all of these stuff that we are learning.” Other thing is that, when I have a group project, most of the group members would make me do the most of the work because they think that I’m smart and they wanted to get good grades on it.

Lastly, males treat females unfairly. It is because they think females can’t do stuff that males can do. For example, “12-Year-Old Female Football Star Sam Gordon On Why Girls Should Play Sports” by Sasha Bronner, there was one girl named Sam Gordon and she was the only girl on the football team. She was the smallest player and the boys in her team and boys in the other team would tackle her on the field. One time I was playing a game with the boys in my class and I saw at least one boy push the girls out when we played kickball. Anyone could see that was rude. I don’t see much of discrimination about this anymore but there are still few that is going on.

Have you ever been discriminated just because who you are? Majority of people face through that, while some doesn’t know how discrimination feels like. There are name calling, unfair situations, and racism. We should respect one another so we can prevent discrimination. We must put an end to this because this is a nightmare to some kids. I hope you can make changes to this and make the country respectful to each other.