Mary M. Missouri


The cost of college should be free for all students living in America.

Dear Future President,

One of the fears, or worries, of parents is the cost of college.  The average cost of tuition per year is between 10,000 and 22,000 dollars.  Many students have to rely on scholarships that are hard to come by or their parent's own money.  Almost all students have to take out student loans, which is a long and thorough process to pay back.  College should be free because there are so many students missing out on a more advanced education just because they cannot afford it.

First off, the process to earn a scholarship can be very competitive.  Most of the time a scholarship might only be two thousand dollars, or five hundred dollars; a fraction of one year of tuition.  The scholarships that are a full ride or provide large amounts of money are only given out to a select few.  A lot of the scholarships for full rides are also for the athletes, meaning that someone who's only slightly less smart than his/her neighbor, or not quite as athletic, may be staying home and getting a job instead of going to college in the fall.

Secondly, student loans are life savers and also a weight on your shoulders.  Research says that an average bachelor's degree holder can take as long as 21 years to pay off their debt.  Lots of students have this plan in their head that they are going to pay off their $40,000 student loan in 10 years after college, around 33-35 years old.  The reality is that the years after college are sometimes filled with buying a house, or a car, and not a very high salary yet.  Trying to pay off the loan may be the last thing on your mind.  

Unfortunately, there are downsides to having all free colleges.  If tuition was free, the taxes for everyone would be upped by quite a bit.  There would be taxes for the professor's salaries, the maintenance, and everything associated with the college.  However, the education of the young minds today, the people who grow up to shape the world of the future,  is very important and should have measures taken to ensure it is provided.


Mary M.