Dominic C. Illinois

Money In Elections

There is a problem in the U.S. involving money's role in the elections of the U.S.

Dear Mr. Trump,

It seems that corruption has begun to appear in the United States election process. I am not saying you or anyone else who has been elected to any branch of the government were wrongly elected, but what I am trying to say is that for the future I believe some adjustments can be put in place to bring America back to its best by giving it the best possible leaders. As you have said and I’ve seen many times over this year's election process, “Make America great again.” I will admit I do not know the election process from the inside like you do. But what I do know is that in order to even think about running it requires a whole lot of money from an average American's perspective and I applaud you going through this brutal fight of an election process. But I believe that money plays too big of a role in the election process and the candidate's ideas and political views should play a bigger role than money in the election process.

I understand money need to be raised for obvious reasons like the whole campaign. However, money changes the way people campaign to appeal to the few big money givers in order to get funding and get through the primary election. That is one of the problems, the primary election. In a Ted talk American academic, attorney, political activist, and Harvard professor Lawrence Lessig recognizes this problem as he gives much information on the topic such as in the 2010 election for congress only 132 Americans funded 60% of the super PAC money. For the primary election, all that candidates need to do is appeal to a fraction of the population to get most of their funding to get past the primary. This is not for the public's best interest but only for the benefit of less that 0.05% of the population that can afford to give this money. Even Leslie Byrne, a state senator, claims that a colleague once told her to, “Always lean to the green.” Our politicians and leaders are under the influence of money and less than 0.05% of the population has more influence on the government in the primary election that the 99.95% of the population. Once the general election is reached the whole population finally gets to decide but from only whom the 0.05% picked for us. I do not blame you or any politicians because that is how it is just set up. You are just playing by the simply broken rules of the game. That is why it is up to you and the other politicians to fix this problem, not to get rid of the primary but to make it a competition to win the full 100% of the people. You need to make America great again, every issue that needs to be taken care of whatever your stance is on it immigration, gun control, or education, these issues cannot be taken care of until our government's corruption issue is fixed first. This task may seem impossible now but there are already potential acts that could be passed to fix our biggest problem. The American Anti-Corruption Act is one of the several different ideas like it. This act involves congress and how the money is funded. Each voter is granted $100 to put towards a candidate to fund them. That money will result in over 7 million dollars worth of funding for congress giving influence back to the majority. This act could also be manipulated for the executive branch as well for the primary election so that the 0.05% don’t have the majority of influence on the government.

Abraham Lincoln stated in his Gettysburg Address, “By the people, for the people”. With your influence in our government Mr.Trump, America can be great again. But you need to change it for the people.


Dominic C.

Metea Valley High School

Metea Valley Sophomore English

All sophomore students at Metea Valley High School wrote letters to President-Elect Trump, voicing their issues on ideas that are important to them. These letters were part of a three-week project, where we learned about rhetorical situation; types of claims; types of evidence; and embedding quotes.

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