Franz Florida

Electoral College

Minimizing the power of the Electoral College

Dear Future President:

My name is Franz Arango and I am a high school student at Alonzo & Tracy Mourning Senior High School in Miami, Florida. My concern with the Electoral College and the system of voting is pressing and I feel that the citizens of the United States should have a louder voice in the say of who becomes president. The ultimate abnegation of the Electoral College would be the most adequate solution to the silencing of voices of America.

An appropriate example of this would be the 2000 presidential election between Al Gore and George Bush. Al gore won the popular vote, but due to the decisions of the Electoral College George Bush became the president of the United States. A complete termination of the Electoral College is quit extreme, but I would like to see a difference in the amount of say that Americans get in major elections.

Franz Alexander Arango

Mourning Senior High School

Hoover Period #3

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