Noah Michigan


Debt is a problem our whole country is facing, even the citizens!

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

       I’ve come to know that our country is in debt-- a total of 19.8 trillion dollars, according to the U.S. debt clock. We are in debt for things like promises made to keep paying Social Security and Medicare.

       To solve our debt problems, you could get the politicians to take money from their own government state bank accounts (If they can afford it) to pay off the debt our country is facing. I understand that our government is made by taxes. I believe that we could pay off most of the debt and have the government pay off some, then have maybe the richer people pay off the rest. Also, Bill Clinton, when he was president of the United States, almost paid off all of our country's debt.

       Debt causes problems for every citizen in the country. Right now the debt per citizen is $60,992. That debt is mainly because of Medicare.  With Medicare, we are in debt a total of about 1.1 trillion dollars. In my opinion, to fix Medicare you need to make an Affordable Care Act to reduce Medicare debt.

       So, looking at all the facts I've presented to you, I hope you’ll notice that debt should always be on your mind.