Isac R. Missouri


If a person knew that there country was under attack by terrorist, they would be scared, not only for themselves but for all loved ones.

Isac Rivas


                                                         ISIS is a threat to humanity

 I am a ninth grader, and terrorism seems to be very popular now, we need to fix this problem, because its important. Many teens in America are on alert by ISIS threats, due to messages sent by ISIS members. If a person knew that their country was being attacked by ISIS, they would be scared, not only for themselves, but for there family, friends, and all loved ones. They would start thinking about what will happen to their country, will their families be separated? War is not good because it separates families and causes a whole lot of destruction. My point is, that if I knew that my country was under attack, I would be scared, because I know that ISIS is very powerful, and it would take a very powerful country to defeat ISIS, even though the U.S. army is very powerful, many people from America are actually joining ISIS. That is just giving ISIS more power, that's why they easily threaten and attack different countries.

You never know when your country or even state might be next. ISIS has killed many news reporters on camera, just to gain power, so countries can feel scared, just like a bully, threatens his victims to just terrorize them more each day. ISIS claims to represent the religion of Islam, that's why many ignorant people label and judge all Muslims as “terrorist”, but that is not true, not all Muslims are “terrorist”, just like all KKK members are not representing the christian religion. We need to stop judging people by skin color, or religion, because all its causing is a whole lot of hate. In other words, you can't just label someone by there skin color or religion. Donald Trump, the 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate stated, “our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in Jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life.” I think that this is very wrong, going back to my point, you can't just ban a religion because you think that they are all the same. Everyone is there own person. It's not Muslims fault, it's the people creating hate against them, such as Donald J. Trump.

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