Alex V. Michigan

Dear Madam or Sir,

I am writing this letter because of some of the problems in the United States concerning immigration. Lots of people are worried about what would happen to them if they are already in our country and have been for sometime. I feel that people should be free and get to decide where they want to live.

The first problem I want to address is that the United States should opt to have an open border policy. That means it would remove all of the border restrictions for the U.S. Anyone that wants to come to the United States has to become a legal citizen. This can be a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. It can be a bad things because if people just come over here and they don’t become a legal citizen then they are in our country illegally. But if they are responsible and they establish residency then they can be in this country like the rest of us.

Immigration will bring more skilled workers to the United States. Many countries have very hardworking and knowledgeable people who will bring great discoveries and contributions to the U.S., such as doctors, musicians,scientists, etc. If we didn’t allow immigration then we wouldn’t have a lot of different cultures like we do today. Different cultures can bring new things that people didn’t even know existed. I would love to learn new things from different cultures from around the world without leaving home.

Increasing immigration numbers can pose a security risk to the United States. Immigrants can bring things into the U.S that are illegal. This could cause people to get hurt. As immigrants come over to the U.S. we need to be sure they are screened to confirm they are not dangerous and also make sure they aren’t bringing anything illegal with them. This will help protect the citizens in the United States.

Furthermore, immigrants that are already in our country should be able to continue living here as long as they become legal citizens of the U.S. When immigrants come here people should make sure that they have a stable living environment for them once they become part of the U.S. I believe that immigrants should be allowed to enter the United States as long as they follow the rules and regulations that all U.S. citizens must follow. 


Alex V. 

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