James R. Michigan


This letter is about our problems with healthcare and how it is affecting everyday people.

Dear future president,

Our country has many problems that need solutions right now, but we need to address one of the largest problems: healthcare. The healthcare system we have right now is affecting too many people negatively. People are going deeper into debt, too much power into the hands of the government and large businesses instead of where the power should be, with the patient and their relationship with their doctor, and people are actually getting sicker. At a certain point there will be no more money to keep this broken system even going.“Free healthcare” is not really free, it is ruining the system of business in America. Businesses cannot compete with each other and people are not valued customers. They are seen as a machine that keeps on making money for them. Although steps have been taken to provide healthcare to call Americans, there have been more drawbacks than benefits. Today’s healthcare can not be fixed, it must be repealed and replaced before the single payer system is completely in place.

The cost for health care has gone up tremendously because of Obamacare. This has gotten so large that it is now putting once hard working people who could once afford their cost of living into deep debt. There are many studies of our current system and in one, “The survey found that the ACA’s (Affordable Care Act) favorability rating among the uninsured had fallen to its lowest level ever (24 percent), with nearly twice as many uninsured (47 percent) holding an unfavorable view of the law. “More than half of the uninsured (54 percent) say the law hasn’t made much difference for their families, and the share who feel worse off.” The facts are coming out on what people really think of our healthcare/Obamacare and how it is affecting them. And others have stated that they were better off without healthcare. Also, the states that have decided to keep Medicaid ( for low income or disabled people) are not doing better and it is costing more. “Medicaid isn't free for taxpayers, either. It is already the third-largest federal program, costing over $265 billion a year, and its expansion under ObamaCare is only going to make matters worse. The Congressional Budget Office projects that by 2023 it will cost $554 billion, more than twice its current tab. Since state governments also have to pay a portion of the cost ($160 billion in 2013), they can expect to shell out even more as enrollment grows, putting greater strains on their budgets.” This article is saying that older people with Medicaid have to pay a large amount of money, taxpayers have to pay a larger amount for it too and it is costing over $265 billion a year. Obamacare isn’t helping, it is just making prices even higher and the choice of healthcare plans even smaller. Some states are already down to only one health insurance choice ( a single payer) so if they feel they are being gouged by too high of prices like premiums and deductibles, they have no other choice to turn to for coverage. People are having financial issues because of health care costing too much for everyday people and some of them do not even want healthcare because they want the freedom to choose. America was supposed to be built on freedom to choose for yourself.

Next, the government has too much power in this, they are creating a system that is going to fail so they can make more money. Obamacare was sold to the American people that is was going to be a great system with coverage for all but it is hurting people. ¨The government plan will simply underprice and undercut any private insurers that remain in the marketplace. The Affordable Care Act, billed as a hybrid of free-market and government approaches to health-care reform, didn't even make it past year four. The ACA's intricate planning--designed to ensure the viability of the health-insurance markets--has already proven unsustainable.¨ This quote is saying how the government planned out this Obamacare act and how this plan really affects the economy and making some people more powerful than others. This article goes on to say what the government is doing to private health insurance companies. The government cuts their pay so the companies will soon fall. This goes back to taking all the choices away until there is only one large single payer system that all Americans must go with and the choices are gone. And within that health insurance are limits on coverage and what a doctor can order or what a person can have done. It controls the system, the tests and treatments that a doctor can perform on a person. Total control.

Lastly, this healthcare we have going now is also bad for our health. With this healthcare we have doctors who are not really helping under this system. They have very limited time with each patient and rely more on prescriptions and medications to treat the symptoms and not the cause of disease. The insurance limits them on what tests they can perform and what treatments they can give, pushing them in the direction of prescribing more pills so the pharmaceutical industry can make more money as they are closely tied in with our government. In The New American,¨The third thing on which the physicians concur is that real healthcare reform lies in the direction of the free market, not socialism. Every one of them mentioned that health insurance ought to cover only catastrophic care, not everyday sniffles. ObamaCare, said Orient, "basically outlaws anything that follows the principles of insurance" by prohibiting insurers from refusing customers with pre-existing conditions and from imposing limits on policyholders' benefits, which only exacerbates the problem. The doctors believe that, in addition to repealing ObamaCare, tax policies that encourage employer-based, non-catastrophic health insurance should be modified. Putting patients in control of their own health care spending--.¨ And put patients back in control of their own health and doctors back in a position to order the correct tests and spend the time they need with their patient to build a relationship that works for the health of the patient. This is not what we have now...”in 2009, the American Medical Association (AMA) endorsed President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform bill, many Americans probably assume that most physicians therefore backed the legislation. In fact, that was not the case at all.” Health matters to everyone and the health care we have going now is just going to make it worse instead of helping.

Health Care needs competition from other companies not just a single company controlling everyone's healthcare. Plus people needed to be seen differently and respected by the company. If we continue where we are going right now we will have a single payer system, meaning the government will have too much power.


James R.


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