Claudia M. Illinois


Don't you think every child deserves a chance at life?

Dear Future President,

Don't you think that every child deserves a chance at life? Well I do and that why I think abortion should be illegal in the United States.

According to Listland In the United States 69 % of African American are unintended while the number is 54% among Hispanics and 40% of pregnancies among Whites. Planned Parenthood, the largest seller of abortions in the United States, has located 80% of its abortion clinics in minority neighborhoods, disproportionately targeting minorities for abortion. Just think about it , if we could make abortion illegal in the United States then we could shut down Planned Parenthood and lower the abortion rate to 0%

According to Live Action News As of 2002 there were approximately 2.6 million women went thought the fertility process and or some of them wanted to adopt. Abortion is a horrible thing because you are taking a life away from a innocent child , I personally think that if abortion is illegal that those kids can either be adopted or maybe during the pregnancy she might decide to keep the baby. If you think about it 1973 9% of all babies born in the US born in the US were put up for adoption and given happy and supportive homes isn't that better that killing a child.

According to Live Action NewsThe 14th Amendment was adopted, abortion was already illegal or being made illegal throughout the nation. The amendment clearly states that abortion was already illegal or soon in the year to become illegal throughout the nation. My question is why did that not happen and why is there no law against abortion. But in my research I see that the trigger laws which would make abortion illegal within the first and second trimesters

According to Students for Life The United States has over 1.1 million abortions a year. If we make abortion Illegal over 1.1 million children could either be adopted or even kept by their birth parents. Now since abortion is legal that means over 1.1 million lost their lives, those kids lost their lives because of an unwanted pregnancy.

That is why I want abortion to be illegal in the United States.I want my you to do something about it , you read all of my facts and you should take it into consideration.

Sincerely, Claudia M.

Gurrie Middle School

1-2 LaBud ELA

1-2 LaBud ELA

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