Christian Nguyen California

Legalize Abortion

Parents should be given the option of a legal abortion

Dear Future President,

I am concerned for the future of women and their choices of what they can and are able to do with their own body. Abortion isn’t a light topic to talk about, but I sincerely feel that the option of having an abortion should be granted to anyone and everyone because it’s up to what the mother and father truly want; they shouldn’t have to be forced to make decisions that weren’t consciously made by them. Most importantly, one can’t own another person’s body and tell them their limitations. A woman should be able to have a say in what she wants to do with her own body.

Having abortion as a legal option for everyone to have is very important because it won’t restrict choices for a mother and father if they didn’t plan to have a child, and would also reduce the risks of having them go to illegal clinics where performing an abortion isn’t what they may specialize in, which can be fatal for the mother as well.

Another issue with banning abortion is that those who wish to have one, but can’t, will most likely abandon that child and give it to an overcrowded orphanage, where that child will live an orphaned life, with little chance of adoption. I feel it’s best to leave this decision to the parents, and not a politician who doesn’t know the circumstances of a couple’s problem.


Christian Nguyen