Mike Georgia

Help Immigrants

Immigrants help our country...why not return the favor?

Dear Future President,

The immigration system is one which needs to be fixed. We should fix the system with better vetting, but not with a wall because immigration is part of who we are. Immigration has a long history in the United States and its something I--the grandson and nephew of Hispanic immigrants-- am not ready to give up on. Since the 1700’s, immigration started with the main world powers exploring present day United States. With a high population of immigrants in this country, building a wall or shutting down ports like Ellis Island wouldn’t be good for us or our already suffering economy.

Immigration has been known statistically for improving the GDP and the economy by creating many small businesses. It is a fact that immigrants are 30% more likely to start a small business than a non-immigrants. This is important because small businesses are the foundation and do a lot for the economy. If we didn't have immigrants in this country, lots of the lower level jobs like working as a housekeeper and maid wouldn't be taken by our own citizens because we wouldn't want to do it. Immigrants go and work at horrible wages and conditions just to put food on the table and to try to make a better lives for our next generation then their own. Without immigrants, lots of our daily luxuries we take for granted everyday wouldn't be available.

On the contrary, immigration has its downfalls. Immigration is known for bringing drugs and crime along with its people entering the United States of America. Immigration has caused havoc with drugs sold along the streets by international drug lords. With this problem, I need you, our 45th President, to fix this problem by doing better vetting and finding other alternatives to the problem then building a wall or having mass deportation.

In conclusion, immigration is a problem facing our country head on. But as our new President and Commander-in-Chief, I need you to fix the immigration system with stronger vetting and new policies, but not to build a wall, close ports, or have mass deportations. Immigration is part of us, don’t let it go away.

Future Voter,

Michael I.