Christopher T. California

Addressing the burden of cost associated with healthcare

Every American should have access to affordable healthcare without worrying about the financials that accompany it

Dear Future President,

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege held only by those who can afford it. The rising price of health services in the United States is becoming a serious problem. As our next leader of the nation, keeping this issue in mind is crucial: people are denied the services they need solely due to the fact that they cannot pay for it.

ObamaCare is a program launched to alleviate some of these problems. Although it has set the path for helping people afford the medical care they need to run their lives, I believe that more should be done. There are still numerous individuals who are still left without a viable plan or insurance to effectively pay off the services they have already received. People without health insurance are subjected to high costs and debt. Every American, regardless of their economic or social standing, should be given the right to health care without worrying about the costs that accompany it. No person should have to choose between getting the care they need and staying home just to avoid paying the high costs associated with it.

As the next leader of the United States, you have the extraordinary privilege to carry out decisions that will ultimately affect our lives, including how we receive and pay for health care services. No person should have to suffer the consequences of a condition that can be easily treated because of their financial status. I am asking for you to put into place additional programs that will help provide affordable services to those who need it, without regards to how much money they make or their race and ethnicity. Although this would require allocating a great portion of funds to support a significant program, I believe this will ultimately be beneficial to Americans. With affordable health care, people are able to keep working and contribute to our growing economy. With affordable health care, people will not have to worry about the burden of cost on their family. This is a right that every American should have, not a privilege that is held by the most fortunate.

Santa Clara High School

11th graders in AP English Language SCHS

11th grade students in AP English Language at SCHS

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