Police Brutality

Reports on Police over using their power. Soon people aren't going to feel safe in this "united" country.

Dear Mr. President,

How is it fair to let the color of your skin be the reason of how you are treated? Today there have been reports of many white police officers shooting/over using their power on black people. Reports have shown that there have been a protest against the police because they killed an innocent black man named Keith Scott. The jury didn't leave any charges against the police who shot Keith. Soon Keith’s family went out with other people protesting they had one sign which said “ How to get away with murder, become a COP” this shows that the people aren’t very happy with the cops actions against other race. The fact of this story is that now people are scared of the people who are supposed to be protecting them.

Soon people will not care about police they will just do it their way and handle dangerous situations themselves. This can really cause much effect to families because now they have to worry about police officers that will either give them a chance to make things right, or just shoot them with no hesitation.

It doesn’t feel fair what the cops are doing even in front of their families, I think it’s sad that they had to witness it for themselves. I myself had to witness a police officer being so hard on a man, he was inside his house and the police officer told him to open his door a few minutes later he opened the door. Then the officer grabbed the man and started pushing him towards the car, then slammed his face on the hood of the car. Although the man had a reason to be arrested he still didn’t need to be treated like that especially if he wasn’t running away.

We as citizens should speak up to what we don’t think is right stand up to the people who don’t expect us to do anything. It wasn’t just Keith’s family who had a problem like this with the police, it won’t just be with black/hispanic adults just imagine of how scare their children will be they won’t feel safe, won’t feel like they fit in, and most importantly they won’t know who to trust/talk about how they are feeling. Over all Mr. President you have to do something about these problems before they get bigger than they already are.

Joceline Martinez 

Lewis Middle School

Ferro, English 8 Cluster

Period 6 and 7

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