Enoch A. Connecticut

Child poverty

Dear Mr. /Mrs. President,

We have to decrease the child poverty here in the United States. During 2009-2010 child poverty rose 20.7 percent in 2009 and to 22 percent in 2010… in JUST one year. Now in 2016, 21 percent of children living in the United States (15 million) are still living in poverty. We really didn’t make a big impact on it. Here your chance to really make a difference for the children that are living in poverty.

Just think about it, they never really had a good childhood, make friends, have good quality food, have a safe household to live in, and have a bright future. Some people may say that we are decreasing child poverty because they we increased employment or helping out the child that are living in poverty. I think we didn’t really make a big impact at all. It just brought the percentage down to 1 percent. We need to make a bigger impact so we can give these kids an opportunity here in America to make a better life for themselves.

To the next president: please lower the percent of poverty to the children so that they can have a chance to a better lifestyle and to really make America, “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”


Enoch A.