Wendy H. California

All for One and One for All

All countries have to work together to gain success in the future; working together is better.

Dear Future President,

Many children are suffering to get a better life by leaving other countries to come to the United States. Children are crossing the border to arrive in this country and work hard to gain success.

I am Wendy , a student of Locke High School, a girl who wants to get her success, and the most important thing that I want to you know is that I am Christian. I am a Christian that wants to tell you something that leaders don’t understand about the future of children from other countries that could better this country.

The reason for this letter is to have the opportunity to tell you a very important matter that can change the way of life in this country. You have to know that, because you are the new President, our leader, our guide, somebody who can make a decision to change and better the U.S.A. You know that if we work together we can gain success. United is the best for achieving goals. I want remind you that you have in your hands the future of this country.

Many children are experiencing difficult obstacles in search of dreams, goals, and success. As evidence I found a quote in the article “Central American Children Heading to U.S to Escape Danger,” which says “But the kids’ goals may be more complicated. It seems like they’re trying to escape violence in Central America.” This means that the kid's futures are limited because they don’t have the necessary items to get their goals. It is a big problem for the world, but if you have in your hands the opportunities to help these kids you can give support, you can be a hope, a signal that means that they can continue their path toward their goals. In the same way a leader has the responsibility to make the country a better place, a place full of success and development.

On account of tyrants, leaders from many countries are destroyed and worsened because of their selfishness and their ignorance. The citizens are running away and looking for a better future and some of the solutions for them are to immigrate to other countries, like the United States. They just want refuge and help for their future; they have to leave their countries because of tyrannical leaders. As evidence in the article “ Gap Presidential Candidate Trump Lopes Deportation Plan with a Dark Side which says; ” He wants everyone who came to the United States against the law to leave…. It forced farm workers who came without permission to leave, he said the program proves that he could successful and kindly send them back to their home countries”. This is important because if a leader does not give a support to somebody that needs help just because just because he or she is an immigrant it means that does not pay attention to peoples that could give a strong support to this country, no matter if it is not their country. If this country can help these people, of course they also can help this country. If you think about it these immigrants could be a support to better the United States because no matter who they are or their race, all are equal. All have the same values because we are all humans, humans that should to be united for better the world. On the other hand a leader can’t just make promises not comply, look in the process of leadership.

The word “ promise” is a word that a leader can’t take as a simple word, because the word “ promise” is a word that means fulfillment, responsibility, value, support and hope. If a leader wants to promise things to their town, the leader has to follow up because this promise is hope for the person who needs a help to get the success or to get a better future. Many presidents make promises, but few comply. They just say a promise to be a president of a country. For example a quote from philosopher Aristotle when he says “Don’t make a promise you cannot keep and don’t say something unless you mean it ”. This means that the promises are not only words the promises are actions and acts. If you want to make a promise you have to comply because you promised. You can never forget the meaning of the word promise.

In other words, you have to know that be a leader is not only making rules, not only making decisions or making promises; being a leader is making right decisions, thinking of others in a same way no matter who race is and remembering all have the same value.

You never have to forget that in your hands are our dreams, goals and success of you are our support a hope so we can get gain our success. The most important thing is to never forget ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL working together. United States will be the best country.

Sincerely, Wendy 


Do not forget that we have a GOD who gives us wisdom intelligence forces God bless you.