Alex N. North Dakota

A Riot or Peace Event?

Gun control can change the world if it comes into view.

Dear Mr/ Mrs. President

There are many different things that need to be fixed and changed in this world when you come into office. One of the things that many people are worried about is the talk of gun control. Gun control is when it is prohibited to sell and own a firearm. Firearms are classified into three categories, handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Only military, police, and government officials can own guns and use them. Many people are for and against having control. People that are for gun control see it as less crime. People who are against gun control see it as against our rights. If gun control came into play it would be going against our second Amendment which is the right to bare arms.

Gun control will cause more conflict than get rid of. In a study it shows more people are against gun control then for. If you take away the right to bare arms as said in the first paragraph then there will be a so called “riot.” People are already talking about how they will not give up their guns and that they will fight to keep them, violent or not. Many people use firearms for different things such as, hunting, protection against crime, and recreational/ target shooting. 22% of Americans own 1 or more gun. Many people will say that they do not feel safe without having a firearm with them, in their house, or car. Gun control laws will not prevent people from killing others or committing other crimes. In a study it shows that people will steal a firearm or use something else to get a firearm or make a crime. If you take away the firearms it will cause more problems.

Many government officials are saying that the guns do the damage not the people. But actually they are wrong. You do realize a gun can not go off by itself without pulling the trigger, unless there was something wrong when they made the gun; which is very slim not none. There have been guns before that have gone off without pulling the trigger and the safety was on, but yet it still went off. Why did it may you ask? Like stated earlier guns can be put together wrong just like anything can while be manufactured. Officials are set on saying that all killings are guns faults but it is the people's fault. A gun can not walk up to someone and have it shoot them, you need someone to aim and pull the trigger. There are gun restrictions already, not everyone can buy a gun you have to be at least 18 years of age and have to pass a background check.

In reality gun control is a very bad idea. It will cause many uprising and conflict with people. Taking away the rights that do go against the second amendment will not help anything, there will honestly be more crime than there already is. If you take away guns it’ll be like the 18th amendment. People will sell and own guns illegally just like they did with alcohol. Many people will find different weapons to use and the issue will keep going on and on, once someone finds something they like and it get taken away they will either try and get it back, or find something else. If they find something else it becomes a “problem” like all the officials see guns as then it will just be a never ending cycle of different weapon control until we only get left with rock and sticks.. Unless they take those away also. So honestly gun control is not the right solution, it will cause more problems than fix. Thank you for your time of reading this letter hope it helps.


Alex Nelson