Hayley M. California

The Rising Costs of Healthcare

The rising costs of healthcare is a major issue today, affecting millions of Americans.

Dear Future President,

President Barack Obama’s healthcare law, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or more commonly know as Obamacare, was intended to increase health insurance quality and affordability by reducing the costs of healthcare. The law required insurers to accept all applicants to be charged with the same rates no matter what their condition may be. Millions of Americans were able to have health insurance, but that amount of people has dropped significantly do to the rising costs.

Health insurance has improved consumers’ ability to get medical care when they need it, but during the past few years, the uninsured rate has been thought of. Most insurance plans were overfunding on medical treatments and homes and families causing them to raises insurer’s cost. No one can be denied coverage anymore because of a pre-existing condition, but Obamacare remains diligent and the rates for next year will rise by 13%.

If these conditions continue, then a lot of citizens will either lose their jobs or worse, lose everything including their house and their medicare. I have had a similar situation in my family where our insurance said they would pay for my medical treatments, but, due to high premiums, my family ended up paying the bill themselves. I would not wish upon anyone who is struggling in either business or healthcare. I believe that the government should find a better way to support people without raising rates like limiting their insurance uses.

My question for you, Mr. or Mrs. future President, is what are your plans for a better and more efficient health insurance plan?  


Hayley M.

Newbury Park High School

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