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Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear weapons have devastated the world in the past and now we have even more powerful weapons. Nuclear weapons need to be dealt with and the amount of them in the work needs to be reduced.

Dear Next President,

Since the end of World War II lots of countries have been increasing the amount of nuclear weapons they have stockpiled. The United States and Russia together have over 3,000 nuclear warheads and most of them are armed and ready to be launched. Nuclear bombs make countries a huge threat due to their ability to destroy whole towns with one bomb.

In the news these days you hear about how North Korea is always testing nuclear bombs underground and in the atmosphere. The problem with countries having nuclear weapons and testing them creates problems in the atmosphere with global warming because they release so much pollution. Also when they test the weapons underground the nuclear pollution pollutes the water making people sick and get cancer. To get rid of the problem of nuclear weapons being able to destroy and kill we should lower the amount of nuclear weapons that we have but also try to get the other countries to lower the amount that they have to make the world a safer place. On the positive side of nuclear weapons they can be used to eliminate large organizations or groups.

Nuclear bombs can be a good thing as seen, they ended World War II. The problem with this is, the nukes that were dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima killed thousands of innocent people who might have even been against the government. With nuclear bombs some people think the United States are safe but in reality we are no safer because other countries have the same weapons as us. After World War II the United States and Russia started to create a new type of bomb the A-bomb which can destroy more but doesn't leave the radiation that a nuke does.

In conclusion, nuclear weapons are a dangerous threat to society and they should be reduced in the world. The US and Russia have been going up so fast in nuclear weapons that if the two countries went to war then it could be the end of the world. Nuclear weapons could be a good thing but in the end they could be the end of humanity itself. Thank you for reading my letter.



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