Zemo R. California

Terrorism in the World

Terrorism is nearly impossible to terminate, but with America’s influence and strength we can greatly decrease its effects on the world.

Dear Future President,

Terrorism is slowly gnawing away the feeling of security not just throughout America, but the entire world. The citizens of this world deserve to feel safe whenever they leave their homes. Every time in the news when I hear about another terrorist attack whether it occurs in America, Europe, or even the Middle East, I get this feeling that nothing can be done to prevent these atrocities.

September 11, 2001 was when the world changed forever. I was one year old at the time this tragedy took place but my family remembers that day all too well. Two commercial jets flew into the World Trade Center in New York City early that morning, killing thousands of innocent lives. What some people forget or even do not know was that there was another plane that flew into the Pentagon and another one, aimed for the White House in which you reside, was taken down by passengers just before reaching its target. The whole world was devastated and in shock because the United States of America, arguably the world’s most powerful nation, was just attacked. Now, imagine if that happened again today.

In fact, terrorism occurs almost every day. Many Islamic terror groups such as ISIS are targeting certain religions and groups. Many of these attacks occur in major cities and gatherings where people are abundant. ISIS has been terrorizing much of the Middle East which in hand causes many people of that region to seek refuge in safer conditions. Without a doubt, ISIS has successfully placed their presence in the world without the intention of leaving.

Terrorism is nearly impossible to terminate, but with America’s influence and strength we can greatly decrease its effects on the world. One controversial answer to this problem would be to airstrike ISIS’ strongholds to weaken its roots around the world. This radical group generates their profit through major oil production; another solution would be to bomb these oil production sites across the Middle East. However, bombing these sites would be very dangerous due to the chance of killing innocent civilians. This could also cause a war between those terrorists and America, just like the war against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in the Middle East. I believe that despite the chance of conflict, any sane solution against terrorism will greatly benefit the greater good. Security is another reason that terrorists can easily shed violence. One approach to this predicament is tighter and heavier security at every major event and place. Heightened security will only further protect people from these cruel acts of terror.

All of this can be done with your help and your authority. I ask that you take what I said into consideration when dealing with these brutal savages. Terrorism should not be taken lightly when there are people’s lives at stake. If we as a country rise up against these attacks on humanity, those who are planning on acting out will think twice. Thank you for your time and good luck.


Zemo Rhodes

Newbury Park High School

English 11IB period 2A

High school English IB course

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