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Increase Global Environmental Awareness

Planet Earth is greater than the United States alone; how can we support the global effort to take care of our globe?

Dear Future President,

With so many pressing issues facing Americans today you may ask the question, "Why climate change?" Ever since first hearing it in tenth grade, the Red Cross doctrine of doing the greatest good for the greatest amount of people has struck a chord with me. Saving an entire planet for the  seemingly infinite future generations of mankind seem to fit within these categories to me. In addition to helping people across the globe, addressing climate change can protect the lives of endangered species, prevent communities from sinking beneath the rising oceans, and perhaps most importantly, set an example for the world wide audience.

Our world is a place full of miracles, conflicts, inspirations, passionate beliefs, and powerful expressions of the human spirit. But as climate change threatens the globe we know and love, how do ensure that future generations enjoy the same beautiful planet that we have today?

I am certainly not an expert but I fully believe that small actions can make a big difference. Even little things such as walking more frequently to prevent harmful emissions, reducing plastic water bottle usage, and creating small organizations to help inspire others. Perhaps, you can hold waste conscious days at the White House or find ways for mainstream media to discuss environmental issues.

At my school, I am taking a stance as a member of ACUTE, an on campus environmental club dedicated to discussing pressing climate issues across the glove. As a resident of the drought-inflicted California, I definitely understand the value of preserving resources and using them effectively. I continue to remind my parents and friends to make environmentally friendly decisions including to limit water consumption and reduce food waste. Did you know that three mandarins take 42.5 gallons to grow and distribute?

While I only have the power to unify people in my local community, as President, I believe you have the capability to do so on a larger scale. Not only can you inspire the American people to affect change, but your far reaching influence can cross borders into the international community. While I applaud the 2015 Paris Agreement's decision to limit the globe's rising temperatures by limiting emissions, it is now crucial to monitor and take tangible steps to actually reach this goal.

I hope you take my words to heart or at least store them somewhere in the back of your mind!

Best Wishes,


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