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College student should be paid

Dear next president,

I am writing to you about why I think college athletes should be paid. College athletes should be paid because they put in a lot of work everyday to go out and work hard for something and not get something in return. An example of what I am arguing is that a lot of people travel to go to school to play a sport and they have to leave their family to play. Another reason is a lot of people have to work and their sport is taking away from work so they can't work as much and they wont have as much money. People also have a house/apt to take care of and pay for and they can't do that without a job.

On the web site they say that 50% of college dropouts have incomes lower than $35,000. Also according to College students work an average of 30 hours per week, according to the 2008 National Post secondary Student Aid Study from the National Center for Educational Statistics. The average sports player can't work that often due to sports and if they are living on their with no cost support from parents then they have to make their own money and if they can't work as much as they should be to be making money to support themselves.

I hope you understand what I am trying to preach about how college students should be paid for the work they do and sports they do to earn money and I hope you take into mind about college athletes getting paid.