Emily Q. New York

Minimum wage

The current minimum wage should be increased.

Dear Mr. or Madam President,

Many people are suffering from poverty in present day America, many of them do have jobs and do work, it's just that they are not being paid enough. By increasing the national minimum wage, both individuals and the nation as a whole will be benefited.

The matter is personally important to me because I have a part time job and I simply want to get paid more, the current minimum wage is not enough. The money I earn is only for myself, and to make purchases of what a teenage girl would buy, yet it isn't even enough. Just imagine other people, who's also getting paid minimum wage but also have a family to take care of; how can they possibly have enough money to go around with the same paid I get that isn't enough for just myself?

Individuals will be earning more, and many can even possibly finally say good-bye to poverty. By just increasing the national minimum wage to $10.10/hr, millions of Americans will be raised above the poverty line. If millions of people are no longer in poverty, the government will be saving money while collecting more taxes, and we can finally pay off our debts to other nations.

If people earn a higher paycheck, they will have to pay more taxes and that would mean more money in circulation for our economy. By increasing how much Americans earn by hour, we are also increasing the amount of money put into the American money circulation: people earn more money and would normally make more purchases which is increasing our money flow.

I personally think that increasing the national minimum wage can only bring good results, why not give it a shot on making America a better place by simply increasing our national minimum wage? Just by simply increasing the minimum wage, many people will finally be living comfortably with the salary they earn.


                                                                                                                                          Emily Qu

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