Amanda Minnesota

Child Abuse

What needs to be done about child abuse and the abusers, and the possible escalation number from 1990.

October 7, 2016

Dear New President,

I hope that the issue that I’m about to bring to light is one you can solve, child abuse. Currently children have been getting abused by their parents, in some cases it’s not the parents doing the abuse, it’s the aunt or uncle. The reason that I want you to fix this is because, I’ve seen children being verbally abused in public and I want it to stop. There are times when people find out what’s happening behind closed doors, but either too scared that they will be pulled in and be blamed, so they keep quiet or others decide it’s none of their business. So I ask of you to make a difference and change the way people treat children.

Anne Winston a journalist for the Salt Lake Tribune, “CHILD SEXUAL ABUSERS ARE GROWING YOUNGER.”, clearly claims on how abusers are growing younger as time passes. In her article WInston states, “Of the 8,254 children who were determined to have been abused in 1990, 1,872 of them were abused sexually”. That number is the same amount of possible abusers in the near future, and it will keep happening if nothing’s done. If it was your child you would do anything to keep them safe, right? To keep them from hurting other small and innocent children.

I would like you to strengthen the law that protects the next generation against any possible threats. So in order to protect the younger generation, if the victim’s abuse was to the point that therapy is ineffective, then the penalty would be severe or a life long sentence, in trade for a child’s life long trauma. Put out classes that point out signs of possible abuse.

I would like to congratulate you on winning the election, I hope you make a good president and take care of the country, no matter the race and age. And that you make a bridge to refugees from the difficult situations in their home countries.


Amanda Garcia