Ceira Indiana

To the soon to be President


Dear Future President,

I think one big problem we have in the United States is abortion. Abortion is all over the U.S. and it needs to be solved sooner or later. The women should have a say in whether she would want to abort the child or not. Some women may abort the child because of  the situation they have been a part of. For example; if a young girl / woman was raped and she did not want to keep it. She should be able to abort it without the government getting involved. However in most cases of rape, the women do not normally keep the child. Another reason why the should have a say in this problem. What if the woman had a family/ husband, their family should be able to decide if she could have it or not. This is why the government should not have a say in abortion.  No women should have to go through this or have this kind of pain. 


Ceira White :)