Isak North Dakota

Transgender and Abortion

Transgender people have certain access to different things like their choice of restroom which is absolutely unacceptable. Abortion is an issue that is never getting solved and becoming worse each year because of the increase in deaths of babies.

Dear Next President:

Over the years many issues have come and gone but have never really been solved. Issues can range from homosexual marriage and racial injustice to topics like school lunches and the shutdown of coal mines. Everyone in this country deserves protection and rights as a human being. The two topics that I believe need to be taken care of include transgender people and abortion.

First, the transgender issue has recently gotten out of hand due to a lack of leadership from the president and government. There were days when people didn't even think about changing their gender because they were happy with the way they were created whether they were male or female. Nowadays, there are various people, for some reason, who hate the feeling of being their gender and wish they were the opposite sex. People think it is okay to go ahead and change their identity without affecting the community around them but it’s not. First of all, various stores, restaurants, and schools allow transgender people to go into the bathroom opposite their original gender. According to an August 22 article by Billy Hallowell titled “Target makes a big move following furor over the company's transgender bathroom policy,” Target is spending 20 million dollars to make single stall bathrooms for the benefit of transgender people. Many people don't want to deal with the fact that “girls” or “boys” are not in the correct bathroom. Secondly, transgender is a problem in sports where men are competing as women or vice versa. According to the “IOC rules transgender athletes can take part in Olympics without surgery” page at, the Olympics allow a man to compete as a woman as long as their testosterone level was at a woman’s testosterone level. Finally, the Bible states that God fearfully and wonderfully made man and woman different and unique. God doesn't want people changing their identity and so should we as a nation. Please, push the Congress to take action on the transgender issue by passing new laws that limit or remove this issue.

Secondly, abortion has been a serious issue for many years and has never been correctly solved. It’s saddening to know that many babies have been killed when they could be living happily in 2016. According to the “Abortions in America” page at, each year in America there are about 1.21 million abortions. These babies deserve life instead of no life. Think about it, everyone living, today, has parents who made the correct decision by giving life to them. We need to make the same decisions our parents made by saying, “Yes,” to life for the child. In situations where a baby comes unexpected the adults, who are having the baby, can easily have the baby given to an adoption center instead of aborting the baby. Please, address this issue to Congress so actions may be taken on abortion.

These issues are extremely serious and need to be taken care of fast before they really get out of hand. This nation needs to know how to correctly act on situations where mishaps could happen. It all starts with the leader of the United States of America, the president.


Isak Olson