Kameron H. Indiana

Global Warming

Global Warming is a major issue and needs to be dealt with swiftly. It's quite evident that our world is facing major climate issues

Dear Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton, 

        Global warming is happening and water levels are rising at deangerous rates. However I think this        is an opportunity for more jobs, cleaner cities, and a healthier Earth.                                                                           Once my age group graduates college, Global Warming may be a world state of emergency. Thus a new agreement called H.E.C [Healthy Ecosystem Committee] should be established in 2017 in the U.S, Europe, Russia, Germany, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and many other countries, to help the world be more green and try to prevent more greenhouse gases.                                                                                     So over all I and many other students hope you, the next President will do something outstanding for the sake of our planet                                                                                                                                                         Please Consider,    Kameron Hill from Fort Wayne, Indiana                                                             The main idea is to help the earth in many ways