Nathalia Florida

Black Lives Matter Too

America has had a troubled past regarding the treatment of African American community. To this day, unjustly actions towards black people are being made by the police who are meant to protect all people.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

Something has gone terribly wrong and I hope that I am able to properly bring this to your attention. Too many names have become hashtags on social media due to their deaths at the hands of the police, specifically regarding the black community. Although I am aware that not all cops are corrupted as some people may believe, the problem is that too many cops are abusing their power and not suffering the proper consequences for their actions.

America is a country that has taken many steps forward, however we seem to be multiple steps behind with respect to black people. Racial profiling - which is an issue any minority will encounter in this country - is one of the main conflicts and it should be addressed properly. The police force should be going through thorough psychological evaluations as well having stricter laws involving the usage of body cameras in order to minimize casualties.

Despite the fact that there is concrete evidence of an abuse of power by multiple police across the nation, cops tend to suffer very minor consequences for murdering innocent lives. Majority of deputies are excused with paid leave from work and are found innocent. Daniel Pantaleo, who held Eric Garner in a chokehold until he died from asphyxiation, was cleared of all criminal charges. Amadou Diallo was an unarmed man standing in a doorway who was shot to death by officers who later were found not guilty. Officer Darren Wilson fatally shot Michael Brown and was exonerated of criminal wrongdoing. These people who have been brutally murdered are only a small fraction of the victims of police brutality.

The lack of punishment that individuals are receiving for such cruel crimes are sending out a negative message to the black community. The mothers and fathers must worry about their children making it home alive. Their children are taught to always surrender to any officer in fear that their lives will be taken away.

Those who respond to the Black Lives Matter movement with "All Lives Matter" are not interpreting the message correctly. No one is saying that only black lives matter, we're saying Black Lives Matter Too.

Best regards,

Nathalia Acosta

Senior at Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High School

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