Katya M. Georgia


Immigration should be made easier for parents to enter the US with citizen children already here.

Dear Future President,

Immigration has been thought as a problem for some time now. Over 200,000 parents of citizen children have been deported, and many people believe more should be deported. In reality, it wouldn’t be good choice. The deportation of parents can hurt the child dramatically. The child needs his/her parents in their life. They mostly need them when they are trying to figure out who they are. How would you feel having your parents taken away from you? The answer for this question is you would be lost without them. There should be an easier way for parents of citizen children to stay in the US.

To begin with, a child without a parent most likely won’t go to college. Some teenagers don’t even finish or start high school. They don’t get the education they are capable of having, or they perform poorly in school. Many kids drop out of school because they have to help their family economically. These children have different reasons and choices in their lives. Many enter the army right after high school for many different reasons. Most of all, they are lost without a helping hand from their parents.

Secondly, a child’s emotional and mental state is slowly decreasing. They feel like they have no place to call home. Parents are needed in a child’s life. They can give warm hugs that makes you feel loved and protected. They help you go through bad and good moments. Children can get anxiety or depression which is not very good for your health. Most likely they will get stressed out easily. They feel abandon or out of place in this cruel world. These kids shouldn’t feel like no one else will understand how they feel. Honestly, they shouldn’t be going through something so impacting in one’s life.

Finally, a solution for kids without a parent in the country should be a parental pass. It would be a pass that allows the parent to stay with his/her child. Yes, there is a green card, but many are not getting offers for employment, accepted or able to get one. This would be a much easier way then the green card. This pass could make wonders for many people. This pass could reunite many families.

To clarify future president, you could be able to save many children from an illness. You could have more kids go to college perhaps. You could change someone’s life just by keeping a parent around for him/her. Stop deporting the parents that could give you doctors, lawyers, etc. Save families that could be torn apart by this critical problem. Give a chance to those who need it. Make a difference and do good things.


Katya M.