David L. Florida

better education for a better future

increasing the efforts to continue improving education, which includes investing more on teachers and giving them the recognition they deserve

As a resident and student of a public school in Miami, Florida I feel like their needs to be more emphasis on education.

Miami-dade county public schools is the third biggest school district in the country, however it doesn’t rank amongst the best academic districts in the country and I believe this has to do with a lack of attention towards the education department in south Florida and there needs to be a change of that. Putting more attention into the education department begins by paying teachers the attention they deserve as they are the people who shape the countries’ future leaders and give them the foundation for the rest of their lives, these people need to be treated better as they are very important in the shaping of our future country, without teachers there are no students.

As a student I honestly believe that there not only needs to be better treatment of teachers but also increasing the quality of the content that the state and government provide the students with, I believe that more resources need to be put into the research for students textbooks and all type of resources that are handed in to them and into the way that they are taught to students. It has been shown by research that the student’s preferred way of learning is through hands-on interactive learning, so there needs to be more focus not only into what content is being thrown at students but the way it is being taught to them, in order to maximize the learning process.

Greatly appreciate your time to read into the matter.


David Lozano                                                                                                                                    

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