Jonathan C. Washington

Support the Students

This letter discusses the affordability of higher education

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

I'm a senior in high school and wanted to write to you about my concerns about the cost of a good education.

I will be going to college next year and I fear that the largest factor in my decision on which college to attend will be cost. It is apparent that students can rack up a lot of debt from higher education that takes decades to pay off. My high school English teacher has even said that his student debt from taking classes would likely not have ever been paid back, but is lucky that teachers get their debts forgiven after a certain period of time.

As a student from Washington, my choices of top level education are somewhat limited. The only in-state school that I would even consider going to would the University of Washington. This forces me to apply to out-of-state schools in order to unlock my full potential in education. As you probably know, out-of-state schools would cost much more due to needing a dorm and paying the higher cost of tuition.

I am writing this letter to ask that the education system be more highly funded by the government. Many students cannot afford to go to the college or university of their choice, rather limited by their economic situation. By making the cost of education cheaper, our country can produce more educated professionals in all areas. To compete with other nations, we need our students to exceed and reach their full potential.

A plan to make education available for free sounds good, but does not benefit our greatest students. A plan for free education currently means that community colleges will be free and in-state tuition will be lowered. Our 4.0 students wishing to go to Ivy League schools and universities will be left out of this plan. The top colleges in the nation that immediately come to mind reside in isolated places (California and the North East). While scholarships do help to cover the cost of tuition, it often is not enough to sway a student. College tuition is rising at a rate at which students cannot keep up with. Financial aid must be raised to match the trend of rising college tuition.

For the benefit of our nation's growth and economy, students need more support in paying for college expenses. Access to higher education is needs to be more available for those who have the credentials to succeed. The nation needs more doctors, lawyers, engineers, businessmen, etc.. As you take office for the next four years, I ask that you give education the attention it deserves.


                                                                                                                      Jonathan C.