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Reformation of Health Care and Education

My concern on Health Care and College Education prices.

Dear Next President,

   Congrats in your victory and becoming the leader of this country. You have done well in your path to the office. I am sure that you will do a great job leading America to become stronger and more efficient. However, there are some concerns that I have regarding how costly the following issues are. In past, our society has greatly impacted by the expenses of college education and health care and they had struggled to afford these high costs. Therefore, you should be concern about affordable healthcare and college education and how our citizens are going to obtain them. In order to this, I think you should given opportunities for people to pay for these expenses.

A common problem for people lacking the necessary health care is that it seems to be too costly. One lady once had to pay nearly $44,000 when her appendix burst because she didn’t have insurance. This is an atrocious and disrespectful way to treat an American. No one should ever have to pay this amount of money for the healthcare. The Declaration of Independence state our truths include the right to live. How can people live freely without the proper healthcare? Some healthcare experts believe that the cost will be continue to rise throughout the remaining of the year. If our people can’t afford pay for health care, can we expect them to live comfortably?

  Affording college education also has been a problem for students and their family. This is unacceptable because everyone has the right to receive as much education as they want to and what school their want to receive their education from. There shouldn't be any money related problems standing in there way but, this is not`the case for many of the students applying for college in America. The average price of attending college can vary but, mostly students are limited to in state college due to prices such between $24,000 through $32,000. These prices are robbing our people of the future thus causing emotional pain and discomfort. Although there are loans that the student can take out, experts predict that the rate of debt will continue to rise for students graduating. I was able to determine that the are several millions students that apply to college per year. This means that a large portion of these students are denied their college and education of their choosing.

Some people may try to argue that healthcare is not that big of a problem because there are insurances to pay for them such as Obamacare. However, if health insurances was the answer to this problem, then people health insurances would pay all fees . However, health insurances don’t always cover the medicine or operations that is need for people. There are members of my family such as my mom and my aunt, who have insurance, can't get all of the medical work done that they need because their insurance doesn't cover everything. As for Obamacare, experts have been able to point out problems as more taxes for people with it and companies shorten hours so they don’t have to cover their health. This proves that the healthcare problem is horrible and our solution can be improved.

People opposing education costs as a problem may try to use the same counter argument as mention in the health care which is that paying a large sum can be avoided. I understand that students can earn a grant or a scholarship to pay for everyone. However, not everyone can earn one of these two when applying for college. Image how disappointed students will be when they find out they can’t go to the college of their choosing. Experts claims that scoring high on SATs will help however, the percent of the students that actual get the money is really small. With that being said, we need that to increase the rate of college acceptance to get students into the school of their dreams without ending up in debt.

  While education and healthcare seems to be two very big problems with little in common, they both are things that help benefits people but, they have such insurmountable funds. Our people need health care in order live without discomfort. Education is also equally important despite not being need to live life. Without a high education, people can’t get job of their dreams nor can they pay for their bills. By continuing to let these problem linger, the government is taking away our people right to live happily. I have able to conclude that expert have found solutions for healthcare and education. Therefore, it is possible for these problems to taken care of.

 In conclusion, my issues have been proven that are very real problems that need and can be solve. What good is a president if they incapable of finding solutions to the country's problems. Since this country is considered free, there should be more opportunities for our people live life and prosper. I believe that you can create better health care and allow more chances to earn scholarships if making college free is not to possible. I strongly suggest that you that these things in consideration to further cement your legacy.










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