Ricardo California

Immigration Issues

Immigration problems

Dear future President,

In our country solutions are needed in order to strengthen our nation. We the people and you shall work together in order to achieve our goal into making our nation a better place. Not only for ourselves but for the future generations that shall come. Our first big step is to solve the problems that occur in our daily life. To start, one big problem is Immigration. This problem shows us our humanity within ourselves, we are not created perfect but we can make our nation a better place for everyone.

Immigration has been in this country long before our country declared its independence. Yes, maybe some citizens won't like to admit but it's true. Our country declared its independence with the help of immigrants. They participated in war and gave their lives for this country. Our economy wouldn't be at the level we are now without Immigrants. They take the jobs that citizens don't want like farming,agriculture and others. There are parents who work in the heat for hours in the field without a complaint because that's the best they can get. They produce our food ,they work hard and make the best out of what they have. They also deserve a chance to live life like citizens. Immigration ruins their plans like the future of their kids. If one parents is deported then the oldest kid in the household takes over and leaves their studies.Everyone deserves a chance to be what they want in life. According to the constitution “ We are all created equal.” No person wants their family destroyed ,people want the best for their family. Immigrants should be rewarded for all their hard work they have done for our country. Deporting millions of immigrants would only do damage to this country by the cost of deportation.This country would lose billions so it is better to make a solution that will benefit all. Giving citizenship to those who been in this country for a long time working, clean record and that does not live off the government would be a good solution.


                                                                                                                                                             Ricardo M.