Sunshine V. Oklahoma

Health Care/Medical Care

Many people may need health care or medical care because maybe some people can't afford the full price of the bill. Also what if a family is poor or doesn't have much money? They will need that health or medical care to help them out a little.

Dear Next President,

In my opinion, I think everyone should be getting health/medical care that they can help pay for or they can afford. The reason is because what if some people can't afford to pay full price and need some help? I'm thinking health/medical care can help them a lot. Also the problem is, what if the homeless people need help too? They should of at least have some free health care that they get checked up every few months, just in case they have some diseases or some problems with their body or just a normal check up would be good. 

Another reason is, what if something happens to a person out of nowhere? Maybe they do have a little money but not much and can't pay much of it off. That's when the health/medical care comes in handy. That person can use that health/medical care to kind of help them out a little. Many of the health/medical care prices are going up these days too, so by lowering just a little of the price will be great for the people that need help in paying. Health care is very limited, and many governments are unable to provide health care to everyone. So for that change can't they make it affordable for the people that really need it, like people that have sick children, or have someone that is sick in the house that needs help? I want you, the president, to help the poor people. Helping others is what I care for. The Affordable Care Act may help people too but does it help the poor people? I care for all people, but I'm thinking most poor people need more. Because i'm pretty sure other people can pay for theirs, and the poor people need a little more help for the medical care that they need. 



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