Daniel C. Oklahoma

Law Enforcement and Racial Profiling

I am going to talk about racial profiling. There are a lot of cases where police shoot and abuse people because of their skin color. I think body cameras and more training and testing should be used.

There are many cases of racial profiling in law enforcement all around the world. This is not fair but citizens are not just being racially profiled by law enforcement, but by others around them. Color shouldn't define how someone should be treated. There are bad people in every race. We need more training for law enforcement officers to avoid racial profiling. I feel that the future president should make it mandatory for all types law enforcement to wear body cameras, for the safety of the officers and of the citizens. The training should be practiced and tested before an officer is out on the streets.

Racial profiling also violates international standards against non-discrimination https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racial_profiling.  I have friends and family that have been racially profiled. My cousin's boyfriend walked into a bus station and was walking to the car, got in and the police surrounded the car and told him to get out of the car and not my cousin. He was an African American and my cousin was white ; that happened in Kansas City, Kansas. This doesn't just happen in Kansas, it happens all over the world. If you look up racial profiling there are thousands of stories.  You could support this issue by making a bill and by making speeches getting his or her word out to the people.