Julianna V.

Polluted Waters

Polluted water affects many including sea creatures, humans, and other land animals. It's an important issue that must be dealt with immediately.

Dear Mr. President,

     1.2 trillion gallons of sewage water and storm water are dumped into U.S. water alone and it needs to change. Animals including sea and land can die when they drink polluted water filled with contaminants and disease. Humans worldwide also parish from polluted water. People are very likely to get diseases and other deadly infections including Cholera, which is a small intestinal disease, Guinea worm disease, Typhoid, and Dysentery. Countries like Afghanistan, whose water is so polluted only 18% is actually drinkable, are at major risk of disease and death. Other contaminants like pesticides can cause problems in sea life such as reproduction and growth when dumped into our fresh waters.

    "Our waters are impaired," said environmental activist and civic association member Mary Jean Green. "It is a subject that has to be addressed immediately," she said. Other experts like Mary such as Charles De Quilldelft, Unit Leader for Marine Monitoring and Assessment at the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation say that "It doesn't go much beyond common sense and good maintenance," There are ways to help Water pollution numbers decrease and to get people in other countries safe drinkable water.

    My own state of California is in a drought that has lasted years now and water pollution is not helping. It only limits our drinkable water to a more drastically low number. So Mr. President, we need your help to lower water pollution in the U.S. for sea life and the people. It kills many worldwide and we need to protect our waters. We need to help provide fresh drinkable water to people without it or to those who struggle to get it every day and to stop the spreading of disease through these deadly waters.