Valeria B. California


There are way to many people that do not have a home and we need to fix that.

Dear Future President,

There is one serious problem in the U.S.A, and that problem is homelessness. On January 2015 there was 564,708 homeless people in just ONE night if we could lower that number even by a little that would be great. 15 percent of the homeless population are considered “Chronically homeless” which means they can not break the cycle of being homeless. Since you are now the president I think you should make the price of houses lower.

Homeless people have a hard time getting a job so they can’t get money which means they can not get a house. There are way too many people living on the street. On any given night in America there is almost 600,000 people living on the street according to . I’m not saying to give houses and money away, but I am saying that while people are trying to earn money you can make their life a bit easier by letting them stay in shelters.

People took a survey on 2015 nearly 570,000 people didn’t have a home meaning that they have to live outside. 22% of the people were children 13% were veterans and nearly 50% were mentally or physically disabled.

When it’s winter some homeless people can get diseases because they don’t live in a clean environment. The future president should donate money to homeless shelters or more places for homeless people to sleep and eat.

Out of all the homeless people there are in the world about 40% of them are hurt or disabled.I think that we could make a lot of more shelters, donations, and charities to make life better for homeless people. Homelessness is a major issue and has been since the early 1980’s. I have tried to help them especially when I walk by them on the streets. I give what I can afford since I am only a student. However, I know that there are many people in this world who do have money and they take it for granted. I understand people are trying to help homeless people. But I believe that you Mr. or Mrs. president can make a big change. I think that more efforts need to be put into finding homeless people and helping them.

Sincerely, Valeria B.

Lakeview MIddle School

Woods Period 6

This class is Ms. Woods's sixth period language arts class.

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