Trevor M. Indiana

Stop vs Yield Signs

Stop signs should be abolished and become yield signs

Dear future President,

I believe that stop signs should be come yield signs. Stop signs should be abolished because no one stops at stop signs completely. Everyone either slows down enough to make sure there is no car coming or just continue to go through the yield sign. When at stops signs, When a yield sign is presented, you slow down and look for an oncoming car. If there is a car going by you are going to stop because you will not want to hit the other car. You would not have to worry about 4 way stops because no one would be there at the same time. Yield signs would be more effective to the people driving the car. They would be effective because you would not have to stop completely and could continue your route without having to slow down. Stop signs should become yield signs because no one stops at them anyways and will help people that are trying to get place to place faster without stopping at stop signs.


Trevor Mickle